Prophecy of Darkness

  • Congrats PoD on Heroic Guldan! Ahead of the Curve!

    Thank you everyone for your hard work. It was a blast!


    11/Jun/17 - 5:39 am by Melathorn

  • What's next?

    Alright folks, time for a discussion on what people want to focus on. Our LFR runs haven't gotten great turn out for the past few weeks, which is okay. I imagine people are getting bored with how easy it is, don't need the gear, and have trouble making weekdays.

    We can turn those nights into organized mythic run nights, pvp nights, or just leave it informal and have people show up and do whatever as they like.

    We're also hitting a bit of a wall in Emerald Nightmare on our Friday/Saturday runs. What I'd like to start doing is continue clearing the farm content, give the eyegina a try or two just to stay in practice, and then call it off before morale takes a huge hit. We can then split off into Mythic groups, go give the first boss of Trials of Valor a try, try some guild PvP, or do whatever.

    (Related, please also visit for more discussion of "the wall".)

    So that's what I need feedback on. What to do with our Tues/Wed slot, and what to do after farm content on Emerald Nightmare.

    08/Dec/16 - 3:14 pm by Melathorn

  • Welcome

    New Site is up and running!

    30/Nov/16 - 5:14 am by Raina